The role of cutting fluid for deep hole drilling


Deep hole drilling cutting fluid is a transparent cutting fluid formulated with water-soluble lubricants, extreme pressure agents, rust inhibitors, cleaning agents and other additives. It is easy to use and can be used by selecting high-quality tap water and diluting it in a certain proportion in actual use. Pure oil-based cutting fluid specially used for deep hole drilling, such as drilling lubrication for deep hole drilling, boring drilling, gun drilling, etc. It is also suitable for the processing of alloy steel, stainless steel, high nickel alloy, high strength and high hardness ferrous metal, steel, aluminum alloy, copper alloy and other materials.

In metal processing, the cutting fluid for deep hole drilling mainly plays the role of cooling and lubrication. It effectively eliminates the heat generated by friction due to deformation and inhibits the generation of chipping. Reduce the friction and wear of the blade and the support, improve the service life of the tool in cutting, and the machining accuracy and surface finish. In addition, the deep hole drilling fluid also has excellent penetration and cleaning performance. In metal cutting, the cutting fluid can penetrate into the cutting edge in time, and the newspaper chips can be removed smoothly. It can also effectively remove the residual pollutants in metal cutting, and cannot enter the metal processing surface; so that the metal workpiece can directly enter the next process without cleaning treatment, and also shorten the time of a single process and improve the processing efficiency. Finally, after metal cutting, the deep hole drilling fluid can also form a protective film on the metal surface. The effect of anti-rust and anti-corrosion can be achieved by coating the deep hole drilling cutting fluid on the surface of the metal, which improves the service life of the metal and effectively protects the machine tool equipment.


Finally, the use of deep hole drilling cutting fluid has the functions of lubrication, cooling, cleaning, and rust prevention. Deep hole drilling cutting fluid is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, does not contain sulfur, chlorine, sodium nitrite and other harmful substances, has no peculiar smell, and is non-irritating to human skin. Easy to use and safe to operate; low pollution and easy disposal of the discharged waste liquid, which can reach the industrial sewage discharge standard stipulated by the state after treatment.

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