The domestic tool market maintains rapid growth and is expected to hit a record high


Global general machinery, automotive, energy, medical, rail transit, mold machine tools and other industries are inseparable from tool equipment. From the perspective of future development trends, the global tool market is expected to grow by 3% to 5% annually in the next five years. At this growth rate, we are still firmly ranked first in the world. From the perspective of the supply of domestic knives, domestic knives occupy the mainstream position, reaching 65%. Over the years, we have also achieved outstanding enterprises like Zhuzhuan. Together with the original four major tool factories, there are about 10 key enterprises, all of which have entered the modern tool industry from traditional knives, and they have developed more and more every year. Well, they have entered a period of rapid growth. This is a very good performance.


The data shows that in 2010, the total production of domestic knives in my country was 29 billion yuan, and in addition to supplying the domestic market, the export knives were 7 billion yuan. In the same year, the total sales of imported knives and domestic knives in my country reached 33 billion yuan, ranking first in the world. China's cutting tools increased by 40% in 2010, and the growth rate in the first three quarters exceeded 50%. In 2010, the domestic sales of foreign cutting tool companies also increased very well. Without market demand, there is no development. With the market demand, this is our greatest advantage.

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